Monday, 4 January 2010


I can shout out that I believe. I can whisper to myself that I believe, a thousand times, till the sounds fill my mind and soul. I could try to convince you to believe in what I believe. I could write a thesis on my beliefs.

To what benefit?

None of these can mean anything until I believe in my belief. No amount of thinking, speaking or writing about my belief can make me a better believer.

People who are cured of diseases by eating placebos just get cured. They just believe. How can their subconscious belief manifest itself so easily, when my conscious desicion to believe is fruitless?

How do I train myself to believe?

I believe that anything I want can be acheived by belief. I really do. But do I really belive it? If I did, I would have got everything I wanted. So then what is the point of having the belief...