Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The perfect match - a story of the symbiotic relationship between a blog and a camera.

You know how when you were a little girl (that is if you were blessed enough to arrive into this world as a girl) you had a Barbie and a doll house and you loved them both to bits. Every spare moment was taken up by Barbie thoughts.Every time you bought a dress for yourself, you wished you could get it in barbie size. And then one Eid or Christmas or Diwali your mum and dad got you just what you loved - one more Barbie!

You remember how from the moment you unwrapped the new Barbie the old Barbie became ex-Barbie and had to vacate the doll house with a 2 minute prior notice - never to be seen on the premises again? Ex-Barbie sat around in your room, in a box, under the bed. It was there, somewhere in the background - just never in your perfect story. You might have had to dig it out a few months later, when your new Barbie threw a tantrum for a companion. But in the mean time it was out of sight and out of mind.

I might be an adult now, and excuse me for my honesty, but I still work in the same way!

See my 'Barbie' was blogging. I began blogging in June. My blog and I were inseparable - I could almost say we were soul mates. I knew when my blog was feeling lonely and unused, I always knew. We had a bond.

And then in August, as is clearly visible from my blogging activity, I got my new 'Barbie' - my very own SLR Camera. My blog went into a box, under my bed. It was there, somewhere in the background - just never in my perfect story.

What did my SLR mean to me? Ok, say you have a football stadium full of babies and they are ALL crying. Apparantly a mum can recognise her baby's cry, so if you left a mum in the stadium to find her baby, she'd apparantly do it before the blink of an eye. (Obviously we'd need to give her time margin for walking across the field, dodging babies.)

That's what my camera meant to me. No matter where it was lying, if someone else picked it up, I'd know instantly! Thats how close we were. It was my baby. You can imagine how distant my blog and I had become.

We were strangers until, ofcourse, now. Now my camera needs a companion. All my pictures had a story and the story needed space and the space was waiting in the blog. It is a symbiotic relationship. The pictures get a platform and the blog gets attention.

It sure took its time but I'm happy with this arrangement!