Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Comfort in Discomfort

People find comfort in the most eccentric of habits. It's true and, if you are the kind of person that gets queasy at the meerest mention of a queasy-something, then I would advise you to look away, ideally about now-ish.

I once read of a woman who suffered from a compulsion that forced her to pluck hair out of her scalp and lick the root of her hair. Distrubing, I know, but she found comfort in that. And before you judge her, wait, because - there are a lot more weirdos out there that you can judge and give funny names to! I can source them to you and then you can judge and laugh!

Thing is, I'm not so sure I can be part of this judging and naming. You see, lately, I've had a fleeting sensation that my very self has been finding comfort in discomfort. As distrubing as it sounds to you, it can't be half as disturbing as it is to me, given that you're watching as an outsider, whilst I'm very much inside of me.

So it is a bit worrying. Thankfully, I'm at a prliminary stage so you wont find me plucking my own hair, sleeping on a bed of nails or that absolutely grotesque thing you are imagining! How dare you!

Getting to the poinnt now - since some readers think I take way too long to get to the point, specifically a certain LUDA - I have a nice cosy, warm king size bed that I could potentially sleep on. But I choose, and observe how I stress on choose, to sleep on the floor. So every night I lay out a few layers of bed sheets and a quilt and sleep on the ground.


Because I find comfort in discomfort.

There is a rationale behind this bit of quirk. I have this odd notion that if I sleep comfortably I will oversleep and oversleeping results in a wasted morning, un used sunshine and hazy memories. So in order to prevent the above mentioned I have to be uncomfortable when I sleep. If I sleep uncomfortably then surely I will wake up at the earliest possible opportunity with an unwasted day ahead of me, masses of un used sunshine, and with memories intact. And that makes the discomfort worth it.

There you go......I find comfort in discomfort.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

I Am Busy

Well yes, I am busy. So I don't have the time to guiltlessly engross myself in doing what I enjoy, for the fear of being found out. But, what I can indulge in, without being caught, is thinking. So I thought. And came up with this random thought.

You see, all these silly guys with suspicious bulges around their bellies that blow up in public places before you can even say, "Oh right, I know why that edgy, shifty eyed gentleman is a bit bulgy round the belly! It can't be lack of exercise because he looks pretty toned elsewhere, maybe its his clothes, they are a bit loose to be fair. Why do they fit funny? No wait, OMG- I THINK HE'S HIDING A BOMB IN THE...*&%*!", are a wee bit annoying.

Yes, I speak of Mr. Bomber, Suicide Bomber. Here's the solution. Now, obviously these guys get a kick out of explosions, maybe a childhood trauma thing, who knows? Sigmund Freud , maybe? Anyway my brother and I were talking about these queer lot and we came up with a great idea. See, brainstorming creates great ideas. Thats what we did.

So, what we need to do now is to invite them all to a networking session. They all think alike so they are sure to kick it off together. And since they all share a love for exploding, they can end the evening with a blast. Quite literally. Like a synchronised finale. I mean really, I cannot imagine a single person in the world who would enjoy such an event more than them! What's more, the evening would be so successful that it is sure to go down in histroy!

Random piece, I know. Maybe it's an examination side-effect. Okies, time to get back to Financial Engineering revision :(