Wednesday, 22 October 2008

As simple as this?

So I'm wondering how it works. One wakes up in the morning, shuffles out of bed, looks skeptically in the mirror and says, "OH-MY-GOD, it all makes sense now, I'm a guy. All these years I've suffered in my girl skin when I was always a guy. And OH-MY-GOD, looking at my face from this angle, I'm soooo totally a guy!!! That's it I'm off to the surgeon. The days of being trapped in girl skin are so over!"

Is that how it works?? Simple as??

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if it really did work that way. Given how this world has evolved to make way for a million and one phobias - what's in a girl thinking she might actually be a bloke?! Nah, nothing wrong with that! - we'll just give the condition a name and get on with it!! Seriously though - here's a task for you - toddle over this website ( that will, in 5 minutes, turn you into a living miracle - one person, 137 phobias. And a minute ago you were thinking you were normal?! Ignorance, terrible thing!!

Ok moving back to me now. See I was thinking the other day - 20 years from now, I might wake up one morning, slightly miffed at mother nature. Distressed I would ask her, " Why oh why did you make me Indian? You of all the people in the whole wide wide world must have known what I am inside!"

"What are you inside, child?," I'm guessing she'd ask.

"You know how Chinese I feel inside, and you still made me Indian. I mean, it wasn't even like you had a quota of Chinese people you were allowed to make or anything. Infact you filled the world with them, they are everywhere, even in Mauritia! Why the unfairness? Why me?" That's possibly how my complaint would be contructed. Add the expressions, the voice and the tears. And a scowl. Maybe a bit of nail biting.

And mother nature would smile down at me and says, " My dear child, don't you know? These days the doctors can even turn you Chinese! You feel Chinese? Go, be Chinese now! There is a way!

"Wohooo," I say and " Weheeyy," I say. I can finally be me!

It's going to be as simple as that!

I even did some grafitti to prove my point!

Its a mad, mad world. Mad.

Ps: I hope my blog doesn't upset people. I have nothing against the Chinese or the Indian or the Mauritious or the bloke who thinks he's a girl! I love them. And for the record I have nothing against those with 137 phobias. I come in peace.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

A feeling never felt before.

There comes a time in everyone's life, a time when one feels a feeling they've never felt before. I've felt that feeling innumerable times. You know the kind of feeling I'm talking about. Like a child when he discovers he can twiddle his toes.

Some people get the same thrill and excitement over and over again, like my grand-dad who loves looking up the meaning of a complicated word. The feeling he gets everytime he learns a new word - it's new each time.

See there's no age limit for this feeling - it comes to the young and old. There's no height limit for this feeling - it even comes to the tall and the short. In short, it captures one and all!

This blog is about how this feeling, let's call it "it", came out of the blue and sat itself in my little 2 year old niece.

With my camera I captured her expression at the exact moment that "it" surfaced!

I took my niece out to play on the merry-go-ground. It was a shiny day and the sun was out. I failed to consider that the merry-go-round might be a little more than just pleasantly warm and probably scorching. With the best of intentions I sat Zehra on the merry-go-round. What she felt then, I guess she didn't quite know herself.
She looked confused and perplexed. What was that she's just felt? She'd never before been stung by the sun! She said - nothing. What could she say? She'd felt a feeling she'd never felt before. From where would she find the appropriate vocabulary!
Her face though spoke a million words!

Love love