Friday, 26 December 2008

Checkers with my Grand dad

My Grand dad is an eccentric old man. This summer he had the pleasure of my company - and I, his. It was probably the best summer I have ever had.

He's lived through wars, travelled the country, memorised the dictionary, donated his high-school certificate in the name of humanity and mastered the games of rummy, bridge and chinese checkers.
He had plenty to say and I listened with rapt attention. I laughed with him and mused plenty over his antiquated and remarkable view of the world, which, to be fair, deserves a dedicated blog! We then had plent of warm siesta's under the sun and played lots of checkers and rummy. I loved all the pictures we took!

Thats the trees we sat under taking in the cheerful sun! It was purpose built by my nanaba;it really distresses him that the tree doesn't flower.

Whenever he felt the sun was two bright I always obliged by lending him my shades. A real man is never afraid towear PINK!THe legendary game of checkers that we spent hours playing.I love this one! He fell asleep while reading to me the memoirs of Bertie Wooster! Personal favorite. One minute he was reading, the next he was snoring like he's never even been reading!!
I've recently begun asking myself a question: If i could do anything I wanted to in the world - without any consideration - without having to worry about livelihood, boudaries, rights and wrongs and wot-nots - what would I do? Would I still be studying towards the degree I am doing? Would I still want to work where I will soon be working?

Probably not...

So is my life then exactly how I want it to be?

Probably not...

I'm not really living my ideal life. In my ideal world I would be on the stage, enchanting my audience, and drowning in the shouts of Encore! Or perhaps I'd be exploring the world and capuring it in a frame. In the ideal world.

Maybe, if I did get this perfect world of mine the stage would lose its charm and I'd crave for something else. Perhaps travelling the world would become tiresome, and I'd long for routine.

Is there anybody out there who is living their Utopia? I have a question for them. Once Utopia is found is it still Utopia? Or do Utopians too long for something else - their Utopia?

Can man ever be pleased with his lot in life?