Sunday, 22 March 2009

Funny thing, inspiration!

Not two minutes ago did I say I needed inspiration - and now, two minutes later, I've got it!

I love the mysterious ways inspiration works in. Paolo Coelho, in his books, says taht if you want something really bad, the universe conspires to make it happen for you. We may call it just luck, chance or being at the right place at the right time - but who knows, perhaps the energies in this larger-than-life universe do conspire to make things work for us.

I've been thinkng about my blog, I even started writing half a dozen times but found that I couldnt string more than two or three sentences together. I have a dozen unfinshed entries lying abandoned and disheartened in my archive. Inspite of this, I never asked for inspiration. Now when I need an out let desperately and therefore needed inspiration to write deperately - here it is!

Obviously, this is not the real thing - I've got a plan and it will be rolled out soonish!



Anonymous said...

i love the way you write...i love reading your blog...dont stop writing :C please :C pretty please :C

Sana said...

awww,'s always nice to hear that! and makes me want to write even more :), that's why I've wrttien again today!!


aditya shukla said...

Great, how nicely you expressed yourself!!! And you are very true quoting inspiration. Really, inspiration lies within ourself, we have to search it out.
You seems to be an admirer of Paolo Coehlo, I am too.

Sana said...

thanks aditya, yes i agree - people, including me - tend to give up before we even look for inspiration!

I do read Paolo Coehlo's books sometimes....