Friday, 14 September 2012

I think I might be a whale.

My problem is that I'm like a whale, surfacing every 35 minutes or so, when I absolutely need to inhale ( or vent out my fury, or share an excrutiatingly exciting idea). If I were a manatee, hypothetically speaking, I would surface every minute for a breath of fresh air.

I dont. I wait until I desperately need to share a thought. Then I blog. I'm a whale

Anyway, today I need to vent out my frustration and fury. An American man produced a film that attacked Islam. I'm not terribly angry about that. The whole Islamic world is going mental, killing each other, burning down cities - losing all control of themselves! That's what I'm angry about.

Here are the reasons why:

1. If the muslims had not reacted the way they have - the film would have come and gone. Some people in America might have watched it - maybe. But I doubt the film would have any international audiences. Thanks to the muslims around the world this film will now be watched by milllions all over the world - with compliments of the 'Muslim Ummah'.

2. Islam does not need protection from us humans! Allah has said that he will protect his religion. Do you really think he needs our help!!! Really? If you read the tafseer of Surah al Feel, and the history of the Year of the Elephant' you will discover that Allah has in the past protected what is his and his true believers have always known that.

The story goes that the King of Yemen was camped outside Mecca, seeking to destroy the Kabah as revenge for some Arabs having disrespected his church. He sent his army into Mecca and captured a numbers of camels belonging to the Meccans.  He then warned the Meccans that he would enter Mecca the following day to destroy the Kabah.

Abdul Muttalib then went with some of his sons to see Abraha. Abraha welcomed him with respect. He expected Abdul Muttalib to ask him not to destroy the Holy Ka'ba but instead Abdul Muttalib asked for the return of his camels. Abraha was surprised that Abdul Muttalib was talking about camels when the Holy Ka'ba itself was going to be destroyed.

And so Abdul Mutallib said the following: I am the owner of the camels. The House too has a Master who looks after it."

The point I am trying to make is who are we to say that we are out to protect Islam?! Allah is protecting is. Out job is to protect our souls, become better people, better muslims, better mothers, better fathers, better students, better teachers, better human beings.

The Imams and the prophets were appointed with greater responsibilities than us. We cannot just decide one day that we are here to defend Islam and should therefore act (without thinking).

I just think that if all people focused on their own soul and being better muslims and human beings we would be doing justice to our religion.

Everyone is welcome to have their own opinions. The above was mine.

And this is the end of my rant.

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Afshan Ali said...

True - ' if only, if only ....'