Tuesday, 5 August 2008

On holidays and unemployment

The 8th day of the 8th month of the year 08, considered lucky by the Chinese, marks the day of the start of the olympics, the restless faces of 9000 exuberant chinese couples tying the knot, the day I go on holiday and the day I become unemployed.

08/08/08 - Mixed feelings. One whole year of fantastic experiences draws to an end as my internship at Ernst & Young reaches the finish line. I've had a great year but I'm also glad to go.
For the next couple of months its going to be all about me, my hammock, 12 hours of electricity a day, summer breezes, sunshine, dragon flies, my SLR, walks down rickety country paths, mini adventures, superstitions, gripping reads, curious birds knocking on my window, street kids with mis-matched slippers, little red mosquito bite bumps and the occasional cow.

I am really excited to be going away on holiday! And what a perfect time to have my fancy camera - to be able to capture all the weird and wonderful nuances of emotions, colours and feelings feels great!

On being unemployed - darn it - I'll have to go back to the paltry student existence....Farewell to M&S lunches and welcome Pot Noodles!

Love love


siras said...

Have a great holiday :D.. where u goin? India?

Sana said...

yeah, thats where I'm going :)

NODDY said...

I LOVE BOMBAY BAD BOY !!!! sanaaaaa we goto go hyderabad TOGETHER sometime! and u forgot to mention the CHICKENS that visit yawar manzil 7am in the morning... and that run after u *creeeeepy* AND they give u jelly-legs and theyre disgusting

*does an over-dramatic faint*

Sana said...

oooh i had that one once - didnt like it, i prefer the southern fried chicken one :)
Chickens are cute!!!! I never knew thay visited at 7 am...i get other birds that visit me at 7am and they can really confused when they see tehir own reflection on the one way mirrored windows :)

*holds up the fainting Nida*

Floo said...

INDIA! mera des! <3 I haven't been there, in like 4 years :(

sarah said...

Sana your blogs are so captivating, really, the adjectives and general terminology you use is so good, you should write stories! xx