Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I'm cold!!

Ok, I've been confined to a tiny room with no windows for the last few weeks. Its summer outside, but in my world it is still mid winter. Today is really cold. I hate coffee, but I've got a mug of coffee in my hands.

Because I keep warm by holding on to the warm mug. That's what I've had to resort to. And its mid summer. I'm als very sleepy, the coffee isn't helping.

love love



siras said...

Lol.. that reminds me of my workplace..its freezing there in the classrooms, the corridors, the staff room, everywhere.. I had actually resorted to carrying a shawl with me even in the blazing heat.. And the worst part was going from the icebox inside to the pit of fire outside meant you were very likely to fall sick!

Floo said...

wow, i'm melting here...