Sunday, 10 May 2009

I Am Busy

Well yes, I am busy. So I don't have the time to guiltlessly engross myself in doing what I enjoy, for the fear of being found out. But, what I can indulge in, without being caught, is thinking. So I thought. And came up with this random thought.

You see, all these silly guys with suspicious bulges around their bellies that blow up in public places before you can even say, "Oh right, I know why that edgy, shifty eyed gentleman is a bit bulgy round the belly! It can't be lack of exercise because he looks pretty toned elsewhere, maybe its his clothes, they are a bit loose to be fair. Why do they fit funny? No wait, OMG- I THINK HE'S HIDING A BOMB IN THE...*&%*!", are a wee bit annoying.

Yes, I speak of Mr. Bomber, Suicide Bomber. Here's the solution. Now, obviously these guys get a kick out of explosions, maybe a childhood trauma thing, who knows? Sigmund Freud , maybe? Anyway my brother and I were talking about these queer lot and we came up with a great idea. See, brainstorming creates great ideas. Thats what we did.

So, what we need to do now is to invite them all to a networking session. They all think alike so they are sure to kick it off together. And since they all share a love for exploding, they can end the evening with a blast. Quite literally. Like a synchronised finale. I mean really, I cannot imagine a single person in the world who would enjoy such an event more than them! What's more, the evening would be so successful that it is sure to go down in histroy!

Random piece, I know. Maybe it's an examination side-effect. Okies, time to get back to Financial Engineering revision :(



DPhatsez said...

Good luck with your exams! I read your post during my study break :)
Suicide bomber exhibition.

Check out Achmed the dead terrorist on Youtube for a hilarious take on suicide bombing!

Cheers! and new posts up on ma blog! Drop by once done with your exams.
Financial Engg???WTF is that? :)

Chronicwriter said...

freud was born as a girl... later he became a boy


Sana said...

OH yeah, someone else was telling me about that video too! i will defo check it out in my study break.
financial engineering is about desining specfic financial intruments for clients like derivatives - options swaps etc.

Will check out your blog too good luck for your exams!

Chriz - have you by any chance written about freud originally being a girl in your wierd and wonderful blog? :)


Afshan Ali said...

That made an interesting read ..... now you need to think of a bait. ...... what can you dangle to attract all of them 'bomber men (and women :/)' to the 'scene of action'?