Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Comfort in Discomfort

People find comfort in the most eccentric of habits. It's true and, if you are the kind of person that gets queasy at the meerest mention of a queasy-something, then I would advise you to look away, ideally about now-ish.

I once read of a woman who suffered from a compulsion that forced her to pluck hair out of her scalp and lick the root of her hair. Distrubing, I know, but she found comfort in that. And before you judge her, wait, because - there are a lot more weirdos out there that you can judge and give funny names to! I can source them to you and then you can judge and laugh!

Thing is, I'm not so sure I can be part of this judging and naming. You see, lately, I've had a fleeting sensation that my very self has been finding comfort in discomfort. As distrubing as it sounds to you, it can't be half as disturbing as it is to me, given that you're watching as an outsider, whilst I'm very much inside of me.

So it is a bit worrying. Thankfully, I'm at a prliminary stage so you wont find me plucking my own hair, sleeping on a bed of nails or that absolutely grotesque thing you are imagining! How dare you!

Getting to the poinnt now - since some readers think I take way too long to get to the point, specifically a certain LUDA - I have a nice cosy, warm king size bed that I could potentially sleep on. But I choose, and observe how I stress on choose, to sleep on the floor. So every night I lay out a few layers of bed sheets and a quilt and sleep on the ground.


Because I find comfort in discomfort.

There is a rationale behind this bit of quirk. I have this odd notion that if I sleep comfortably I will oversleep and oversleeping results in a wasted morning, un used sunshine and hazy memories. So in order to prevent the above mentioned I have to be uncomfortable when I sleep. If I sleep uncomfortably then surely I will wake up at the earliest possible opportunity with an unwasted day ahead of me, masses of un used sunshine, and with memories intact. And that makes the discomfort worth it.

There you go......I find comfort in discomfort.


muthu said...

ah... comfortability in uncomfortability.... who would have thought that....

and yeah better that you are in the initial stages.... :P

but again rethinking, it not the fact that makes it uncomfortable - that makes people do a lot of quirkiness...

it s that for some reason as silly a reason as it may sound, gives them enough reason to do stuff.

U know something one of my friends always i say always never allows anyone to eat from his plate. If they touch the food in his plate, he always gets a fresh plate(he doesn't even get angry).

And I have one particular quirkiness - I love water, so much that i always have a tumbler of it near me when working, studying, browsing anytime.....

so sana... you are not a lone quirk.... :)

and hey how did you do your exams... and what happened to that random q i asked??


DPhatsez said...

ah yet another wierdo finds her groove :)

Sleeping on the ground is better for your back anyways. :p

Discomforting comforts eh? LOL

Sana said...

lol i said before DONT U GO JUDGING ME...

see how all the truths come out ...muthu has a thing for water and an obsessive compulsion to carry some around. Actually, that is a healthy obsession.

SOrry about not asnswering your question muthu, I really need to FEEL like writing in order to write.....I'm going to get back to it when I feel it :)

Exams were really good...phewe it done now ( just one more left)

DPhatsez: I love your blog. read it last night.

Muthu: just seeing yours now ^_^


Valerie Wangnet said...

Hello fellow leftie!
This is a very fascinating post - comfort in discomfort - I've heard of pleasure in pain but strangely that seems less unfathomable than what you bring up. I really enjoy reading original and quirky topics, and am very happy to have found your blog!

Sana said...

Thanks Valerie! I have a pretty random imagination so you should find plenty of quirk floating about.
I came across your blog last night and I find your style extremely original and its so effective in involving the reader in the emotions you wanted to be felt.
Oh and wohooo, always nice to meet another left handed person! My whole family (- 1) is left handed btw.

Chronicwriter said...

have many quirks like this... i know a girl who pokes her nose , then her ears and then licks her fingers...


Anonymous said...

Nice oxymoron...

I agree with DPhat... Sleeping on the floor is good for your back...

@Chriz: You serious?

Bullshee said...

The rationale behind not wanting to sleep well is discomforting! This is self inflicted pain!

Oh well, judge not lest ye be judged. I guess it works for you!! :-)