Monday, 14 July 2008

A Murder of Crows

Well hullo there,

Welcome to my blog and my very first entry! Since this is my first venture into the realm of blogging, its only fair, and of course polite, that I introduce myself and my page.

Let's start with the name!

See, while growing up, English was my favourite subject and I loved collective nouns. The one that stuck in my head, the one I always wanted to use but never found the opportune moment, the one I've always wanted to use, was the collective noun for crows - A Murder of Crows. This one really fascinated me. There was some thing dark,eerie and deadly about it. It had drama and character, unlike, say, a flock of sheep, or a cackle of geese!

Of course you are free to differ in opinion, although, I can't seem to see why you would differ. I am obviously right in saying that a murder of crows is exceptionally dramatic! And you'd have to obviously be quite dull to not see the drama!!

So any way, all my life I've patiently waited for the chance to use it and finally this chance popped up in the form of a potential blog title!! I was excited by the notion of having my very own blog with my very favourite collective noun for a title! I quickly set up a new account. I excitedly typed in my blog name only to discover that SOME ONE ELSE HAD TAKEN IT!!!!

The horror, the anger, the emotions I felt - I cannot express.

When I finally recovered I decided I'd go for the next best - therefore - A Smack of Jellyfish

Thats the story of my blog and oh-how-I'd-like-to-meet-the-person-who-stole-my-dream-collective-noun-blog-name. Show your self if you dare!!!!

Love Love

ps: that was the introduction to my blog.....more about the author coming soon!


Muks said...

Nice first post. :-)

Floo said...

whats a Smack? o_O
I totally love blogs and anyone who owns one! so I'm going to add you to my blogroll now.

Nice first post and keep blogging =)
Oh, yeah and remove the word verification thing... its annoying to type those and it doesn't really stop spam from getting into your comments box, anyways!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!! unfortunately, I forgot the pwd to my old blog.. AH WELL lemme make a new one :P wen I got time! we can be "twin bloggers" heehheeh

sarah said...

Sana your hilarious...'A SMACK of jellyfish' sounds much more interesting and witty! Carry on blogging!

Sana said...

awww thank you! blogging is my new addiction and i try to make it refreshing to read!