Friday, 18 July 2008

Things to do and people to meet before I die

So, I thought that the first step to doing what I want to do is to know what I want to do. And this led to the creation of what you are about the read below: my very own list of things to do and people to see before I kick the bucket.

1) Meet a Japanese person - only because there are so few of them! I've got Chinese friends, Korean friends, maybe Taiwanese friends too. But have I got Japanese friends? No. Can I find Japanese people? No. And that's why I want to meet one. (Well, I've met one at work but he doesn't count)

2)Travel to Japan - This will increase the probability of running into a Japanese person! And I love the fancy gadgets and fancy hairdo's that they do.

3) Learn to decide what I want when I walk into a shop - Ok, say I have a couple of hundred pounds to spend. I pat myself on the back for the disposable income I've got and walk into a shop feeling mighty pleased. After no more than a few steps my brain cells get clogged up due to over use and I retrace my steps out of the shop. What in the world could possibly cause such a severe breakdown you might wonder?

Well, I NEVER know what I want. Let me tell you from experience that if ever a thing was disturbing enough to clog up perfectly healthy and remarkablely clever brain cells such as mine, it would be not knowing what one wants. I want shoes (black trainers and green crocodile print heels), I also want a bicycle (with all the appropriate gear), a digital SLR camera (with a couple of lenses thrown in), a holiday (to India, Japan, Malaysia and Dubai, and New York during the November sales), a new pair of jeans (skinny jeans), and guitar lesssons.

I can't buy all of these, can I? I need to decide what I want most. But I want them all the most!!! So what happens next?? I have a massive mental block, cells getting clogged left, right and centre and what-not. Result? I turn around, walk out of the shops, away from the temptation, empty handed, pocket loaded.

For the spendthrifts - you might want to embrace this strategy, it will help you save more!

4) Meet a person with a Chinese mum and an African dad. Only to see what they look like - again, they are scarce.

5)Meet an Indian person who speaks fluent chinese!

6)Get over me fear of creepy crawlies - just saying the word's given me shivers.

7)Oh - while we're at it, I've got a random question that has come to my mind - How priceless and how endangered would you be if you knew all the secrets of all the people in this world!!?!

8) Erm, I think that's all for now.

I feel so light having got that list off my chest!

Love love


Anonymous said...

really random........

I like the one about Someone with a Chinese mum and an African are not the only one looking forward to meet someone like that.


I know a guy who is indian and speaks fluent CHINESE!!!! DONT forget to ask me next time i meet you.


siras said...


So i finally came around here =D.. sorry it took so long.. ur blogs amazing! Funny witty and very YOU! lol

I can so relate with number 3 i always end up in the same situation!

sarah said...

ok the comment is a bit late but goes...OMG this blog is so funny especially No's. 4 & 5! Definately something I would like to witness! I need to create a "bucket list"!

Also, I am such a spendthrift, so next time I'm going to try your technique whenever I enter a shop and think of what I want..Lets see if it works...only today I bought shoes and bits and bobs even though I didn't need them :S

P.S hve you watched the film "Bucket List"? its quite good. :)