Thursday, 17 July 2008

The story of my life and another story

Not sure if there is such a thing as neutral feeling - where you are neither happy not sad, neither chirpy nor dull, neither frowning nor smiling. If there is such a thing as a neutral feeling, that's the feeling I'm feeling today. Thank you for asking!
But really, I should be feeling quite happy. The stamp that I'd ordered 20 days ago has finally arrived. Wohoo! Weheey! Yes thats how long it takes to buy a stamp. And this is no ordinary stamp. It stamps a number and then rotates the number-printing-thing-or-what-ever-else-it-is-called to the next number. Its hi-tech, which probably explains why it took so long to obtain. (I'm trying to be sarcastic here.)

So, you can probably now see why any sane human would be jumping for joy with a smile wider than the limitations of the mouth. But am I jumping for joy and smiling a smile bigger than the one my mouth can manage? I'm not.
Ok just to make this post a wee bit more cheery, here's a random story from yesterday:

I was waiting for some legal documents to be stamped at a goverment office. My appointment was at 2.30 but as is the case in all government offices - I wasn't attended to until much later. After about 4 hours of waiting I ran out of things to do to keep myself busy. So at about five thirty I said " Enough is enough" and decided to check if my thigh was thin enough to fit the space between two seats. Don't give me that look!! People get into the Guiness Book for sillier reasons!! Heard of the woman who can pull her eyeballs out?? I bet you're now glad that I didn't try something like that - otherwise you would have had to read about me pulling my eyeballs out!

Anyway so I discovered I had the thinnest thighs in my family. Surprise!

So here's the funny thing - the harassed looking security guard comes up to me and says, "Please get your leg out from between those seats. People do that all the time and I have to call up the ambulance to get their legs out. It's nearly six. I don't want have to make a last minute ambulance call!"

And I thought my experiment was quite a novel idea - People do it all the time in government waiting rooms!
Love love



Anonymous said...

well its the kind of thing I wouldn't have really wanted to know- but suprsingly interesting none the less!

Floo said...

hahhaha wtf xD
My leg probably would slip in at all.

Interesting story- even though its really weird. The fact that lots of people do that should be in those top-ten amazing-fact lists lol

sarah said...

Sana you should definately go into some sort of writing, you are simply hilarious!