Monday, 28 July 2008

My food addiction

Let me start with a disclaimer! This might be a sensitive issue to people out there who are anorexic, bulimic, overweight, obese, underweight, horizontally challenged, chubby and anymore related words you can think of. For those of you that are perfectly normal - THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Normality is subjective - I think I'm pretty normal (as in size wise) but alot of people would think I was grossly underweight.

Anyway, here's news for you - I am addicted to food, yes I most certainly am addicted to food. But my food addiction differs in more than one ways. Well, for a start - I say I'm addicted to food but am considered almost anorexic by people. My mum looks at me with sad eyes, as though every time she sees me is the last time she will see me. Because I will evaporate into nothingness. Because I barely eat. And eat very little.

While that is still true, and I like the attention I get from my mum, eventhough it might not be for the best of reasons, I have become addicted to food!

It started with Japanese crackers. I ate them one fine Wednesday morning about 6 months ago. For the rest of the month I had them EVERY SINGLE DAY until I could no longer stand the sight of them, or for that matter even the sight of a Japanese person (yes its true). I then discovered Galaxy Minstrels - oh how I loved the flavour!! What happens next? I eat a pack every single day for weeks until just the thought of them, just a teeny weeny thought brought about the severe need to throw up.

As you can probably guess, I had to move on. As one does. This time I moved on to Bounty. Choclocate.Coconut filling. Mmmm, very nice. Except I did they very same this time. I'm not one for learning from mistakes, as is clearly evident. This one actially lasted longer. I loved Bounty. It was my very first thought as I woke up and often enough the very last. Note 'often enough' and not 'always'. This is because I like to reflect on weird and wonderful bits of experiences, thoughts, ideas, geometric patterns and God before going to bed. A potential blog entry, so I shall reluctantly refrain from expanding on the aforementioned.

Well, now I hate Bounty!

It's all about sushi now.......................................

mmm sushi

Love love


Noddy said...

I know what u mean! In india/lucknow they used to have this packet of biscuits called "little hearts" or something .. proper rinsed them out.. it has been 10 years since I last had them and the THOUGHT of those biscuits makes me cringe and want to throw up !!!

Sana said...

omg i ate those too, we got them in dubai - heart shaped with sugar glazing! I cant stand them now!

siras said...

oooh little hearts.. ewwwwwww.. i rmmbr even i used to eat those but now urgh!

Floo said...

Little hearts! Its been so long since i had those *wants some*
oh man, i've never tasted sushi and i'm not planning to in the near future. its FISH =X